Clinical Testing

RxTox was started by a medical doctor who can relate to the issues that you, as a fellow physician, face every day. Those issues become even more convoluted when you are prescribing narcotics and other potentially abusable drugs for the purpose of therapeutic success.

Unfortunately, many patients are non-complaint with their treatment regimens. Still worse, some patients actively seek multiple physicians for prescription drugs, divert their prescriptions, or use illegal street drugs, in addition to prescribed pharmaceuticals. These factors only compound the enormous responsibility the physician bears when prescribing pharmaceuticals.

By utilizing urine analysis, the physician is able to effectively and accurately monitor the patient, both prior to and throughout the treatment period in order to minimize the risks associated with the medications prescribed. By doing so, the physician also significantly decreases practice risk.

The Physician is in a critical position because it is the physician who initiates the process whereby the perscription medication ultimately comes into the hands of the consumer... Patient health and proper usage depend on concerned and interested professionals.

Prescribing controlled substances for legitimate medical uses requires special caution because of their potential for abuse and dependence.

- DEA Physician's Manual